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Tire suggestions - Page 2
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Thread: Tire suggestions

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    Quote Originally Posted by project051 View Post
    Any other feedback on the tires after driving for a months on them?
    They've been fine. Smooth quiet ride. Should have their first rotation in the next couple of months or so. No change in range.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ga2500ev View Post
    Tires seem to be a challenge. No one seems to be thrilled with the OEM FireHawks. But every tire discussion I could find has page after page of suggestions without really framing why those choices were made.

    So let me tell you what I'm looking for, and ask for suggestions of where I might look.

    I have three main criteria:

    1. Range: at worst any choice should have comparable range to the OEM tires.
    2. Cost: Cheaper than FireHawks would be ideal.
    3. Performance: I can squeak the FireHawks on aggressive pulloffs and tight turns. Something with more grip would be welcome.

    Since I'm getting 4 tires, I'm open to alternate sizes.

    Finally it's a stock 2014 daily commuter. No style points necessary. Just as long as tire fit in the wheel wells.

    I'm really interested in hearing about the range and performance. So any comments about them would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,


    I have had many cars and several tires option. So, I think I could qualify to say in my opinion which tires are good and worth thinking about.

    1. for quiet ride go with a thicker wall, 60 will give you smooth and less road noise.
    2. Tire brand, this goes with what are you trying to achieve, daily driven comfort eco or pure contact grip to the pavement but staying around $80 or less will be hard.
    Comfort puts Continental Tires on the list preferably 1st for price and comfort.
    Performance tires, I'd go with summer tires softer onces likes kumho Ecsta.
    3. Try looking at 195/60/15, or 205/60/15.

    Your range depends how fast your going and how long your commute. If your driving one way 65 miles, I'd stick to 185/55/15 OEM size to maintain the range. If you drive less then I'd opt out for 205, more grip and comfort.

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