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Clutch Interlock Safety Switch
500 Madness
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Thread: Clutch Interlock Safety Switch

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    Clutch Interlock Safety Switch

    At about 30,000 my 500 Sport started getting hard to engage the starter. Kept having to press the clutch down harder and further into the firewall. Of course, being a procrastinator I just worked with it until one day it took five tries to get it to engage.

    Anticipating this someday I had a spare interlock switch. So back to the campground to figure how to replace the sucker. No Youtube video and no room to make one. After getting the metal frame off, I had a good look at the switch in place, but could not figure how to remove and replace. So....
    After studying the switch in place and the replacement, I wondered it the problem was a tad too much wear between the switch actuator arm and activator on the clutch (piece of plastic acting as a pusher). The switch shown is with the front to the left in its position in the clutch area. The wiring harness goes in the rear. The lower part with the purple is the actuator arm.

    So I tore up a heavier weight piece of paper, cut to size and folded. Then I slid the shim into the front part of actuator cage (on the black side, not purple part).

    AND IT WORKED!!!!! No longer had to even push clutch pedal to the firewall.

    It seems the clutch switch and actuator, both of plastic, wore just enough to not push actuator arm forward enough to engage the starter. The little bit of thickness made all the difference.

    Hope this helps someone.

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    I'm very much convinced that this is what's happening with mine, too. After reading this, I got down yesterday and looked at the assembly and I wish I could say a lightbulb went on. Is this still working for you? If so, could you PLEASE provide a bit more detail on how you did this? Was disassembly required?

    Thanks for posting this.

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    Glad this might be helpful. Going on a year since i made this repair, Not even a hint of the problem again. I still am perplexed how to get the switch out short of removing the dash top.

    As far as disassembly goes, all I did was remove the metal plate around the steering wheel shaft. I haven’t put the plate back yet.

    After studying a while and pushing the clutch to see where it pushed, I then just inserted a piece of thin, stiff card stock (tourism brochure was what I used). I’ll try to take a couple more pictures. It is helpful to have the replacement switch available to study and understand where the wear is.


    Plate removed to get better access.


    This is clutch switch in the clutch out position. When you push clutch in, the lower box-like shape moves forward to engage the safety interlock allowing you to start the car. There is a rod that goes through the box and this pushes the switch lever forward. Double check the black side of box facing driver seat. This is where you should insert your shim.

    Let me know how it goes or if you found the magic way to disconnect the wires and remove the old switch. I don’t think installation is very hard. Just can’t get to the damn thing.

    Off for a bike ride!


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