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Thread: Has anyone taken their 500X on a beach?

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    Has anyone taken their 500X on a beach?

    I live in New York on Long Island, and I'm so tempted to get a drive-on beach pass just to try to take mine on the beach. I just cant seem to find anyone that had the balls to try it out, and I don't want to be the laughing stock of the beach that gets stuck trying to bring a Fiat out.

    If I did give it a go, it'd be with my Jeep friends (so they could get me out when/if I get stuck). And if I don't, well then I get to show everyone what the 500X can handle

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    I’ve run a couple other vehicles on the beach a few times (Daytona). I wouldn’t again. Getting stuck wont likely be an issue if you stick to the harder packed traffic pattern, dont stop in softer windblown sugar sand areas (in traffic, slow before a section like that until it is clear, so you can power through it). My concern with it is the sand getting into so many places that could lead to costly repairs later, in spite of your best efforts to clean it up.

    I had limited experience on beaches, but having done a fair amount of off roading in/on trucks, jeeps, and bikes, there is a lot of extra maintenance required due to the grit that accumulates.

    Others who have frequented beaches may have a different opinion, and I wouldn't argue against itheir points, if they think you'd be fine. My experience was brief and limited, but I did have a couple components fail from the sand and sea water exposure. As well, from driving the coastal highway in high onshore winds. Windshield pitted badly, spark plug broken off in block, and a brake line rusted through prematurely from sand resting between it and frame.
    Ride in someone elses moto, maybe?

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    Don't do it. The 500X is an on-road AWD system as stated by FCA. Add in the extra wear and tear as streetsurfer says and I would say no. After driving a Jeep Renegade Trailhawk for a couple weeks its much more prepared for that type of driving. Of course you can drive anything you want on sand. Its the after effect of doing that will have you replacing parts prematurely.

    The 500X AWD system has 3 friction clutches. One in the power take-off and two in the rear axle (one for each wheel). Each time the system senses slip it modulates all three. If you are in a constant slip condition (like sand) they will wear fast.

    There is an area in the X on the front end (between the inner and outer fender) that is open at the top unlike other cars I've had. First thing I did when I started modding the car was to drop a flashlight down there. Do you really want to shove sand down there where you cant get it out? It will hold salted moisture and accelerate the rusting process.
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    Thanks for the input. I had pretty much written it off because it being an on-road AWD system, however when my girlfriend was picking up a beach pass for her Jeep I asked about AWD vehicles being allowed on the beach to which his response was "Um, AWD IS 4WD."

    So once I knew I could get a pass, I had to stop and think about if I should.

    I pretty much came here to be talked out of it, which you two have thankfully accomplished!

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