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Thread: spare tire swap

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    spare tire swap

    I have a 2014 500L Trekking. We are looking into buying a 2018 500L, the warden wants a sun roof. I plan on pulling the spare tire kit off the car. My question is, will it refit onto the 2018 ?

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    I'd look up the part number for the spare tire kit (2018), and see if it crosses over to the 2014.


    I see part number only covers 2014-2017 , so the short answer is No but,

    You'd have to contact Mopar directly to find out if the part number has changed, but I'm guessing it hasn't. I'd still take it off to resell and recoup some of your money for it. I added one to my 2014 and I've needed it twice so far; It's a great upgrade.

    Installation instructions:

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