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Just feelin' the love...
500 Madness
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Thread: Just feelin' the love...

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    Just feelin' the love...

    It's one of those perfect PA evenings- the perfect temperature for windows down driving, panoramic sunroof open, chillin' to some nice music, driving the back roads. To me there's no better car for this than this 500L we've had for the better part of 4 and a half years. Just shy of 43k miles, and nary a problem worth mentioning. The car remains tight, the suspension works so well (I've never understood the complaints of it being too stiff). the little turbo giving us great fuel economy and more than adequate acceleration.

    I might have said it before in this forum, but I've never so thoroughly enjoyed a car this long into the ownership experience. It's just a great car for touring, for commuting, for whatever. I know this car won't have the same effect on everyone who drives her, but I hope more people at least give her a chance...

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    I’m in Berks County! I know what you mean! Great weather.
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    I have to agree on both the weather and the FIAT! The other cars I've owned have been overall OK once we got past the terrible cars of the 70s, but driving the FIAT every day always is fun and I like driving something that doesn't look like every other 4 wheeled appliance going down the road.

    Weather wise, I'm enjoying real spring time weather in NY after living in Virginia, South Carolina, Texas, Iraq, and Missouri for the past 15+ years, nothing against those places but I'm not a big fan of the summer heat!
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    Almost a local! When it hasn't been raining , yes the weather has been pretty nice.

    Glad to have you in the FIAT Famiglia. These cars really do make you smile.

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