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Tire Recommendation for the Abarth please
500 Madness
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Thread: Tire Recommendation for the Abarth please

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    Tire Recommendation for the Abarth please

    what tire is the best for price, grip, smooth ride? mostly in warm weather in FL> lots of rain too.... thanks

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    Really like my FEDERAL 595EVO great budget tires. but I would skip the 595 EVO and get either RS or RSRR for little more money .
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    Phil- I'm gonna try Federal 595s this time.About to put them on.Let you know.
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    Incase you are still looking for tires, for spirited street driving I have to recommend (as many other owners of many other car brands have) the new firestone firehawk indy 500. The buzz about these have been non stop on all forums. They are simply amazing. They also run very wide which is nice, for example my stock size 205/40 in the front actually rub on full lock. The one thing I cannot get over is the turn in, its actually incredible and if I must say maybe faster turn in that my azenis rt615k. With the tiniest input the car just changes directions immediately, there is zero time between steering input and reaction to change in direction. Also, watch tirerack's review as they mention these are the new benchmark for the Ultimate High performance category.

    Now, the grip is definitely is not as high as the rt615k or my hankook rs3 that's for sure, but for my random weekend HPDE events where I'm lazy and dont feel like changing tires the firestone still work perfectly fine, just finding the limits of the tires is easier. Also important to mention as many other users have, they get better as they wear out, I feel more grip now than I did 2000kms ago, its weird but its a common thing many users say.

    Overall, for the street and spirited driving they are simply amazing cheap tires and I would never look at any other street tire ever again. Even the fiesta st forums are buzzing about them which use the same tire size as us. Other forums like bmwe90/m3, vwr32, s2000 and mustang/SS are also all buzzing about them, they are definitely worth a try.

    I may actually start a new thread about them to let others know as well
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    Tire Rack has the Firestones for under 300 bucks a set (with rebate) in 17 inch size for the Abarth, good reviews, probably great for Florida where it doesn't get below freezing in the winter since high performance summer tires can be terrible in the cold. UTQ rating of 340, so they probably won't wear for 70,000 miles, depending on how you drive, and of course your mileage may vary as they say!

    Compared to the go-to autocross tire the Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R (more like $140 per tire), for daily driving I'm sure the Firestones are OK.

    Here's a Tire Rack test with the Firestone, a Dunlop, Kumho, and a Bridgestone, they liked the Firestone OK but thought it was pretty firm

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    I am using federal fz201 this weekend trackday, not expensive compare to r888r I used before, I will test it out this week on track

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    been looking at the Firestones as well. from the reviews i see on these tires, definitely going to give them a try
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    Probably going with the 500s too once the Pirellis wear some more.
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    I think the BF Goodrich g-comp2 tires will give you the best bang for the buck. You can get them through Costco at very good prices too.

    The Federal 595EVOs are okay, but not that great. Better than the stock Pirellis at least.

    Don't know about the Firestones; they sound like a great deal though.
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