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Thread: 60k reliability update

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    60k reliability update

    I'm almost to 60k so I thought I'd give an update on my X Pop 1.4 turbo. I've complained openly about some issues with my X over the miles but finally she has decided to settle down and behave. Between 40-50k, I can honestly say I hated my X and was looking at a way to get rid of it. The clunking and drivability issues I was having was driving me nuts. After finally figuring out it was a bad engine mount and getting it fixed under warranty and then replacing a DRL socket that was shorting out right after warranty, my X has been completely trouble free for the past 10k and I'm actually enjoying her again. She is fun to drive, nimble and perfect sized. Gas mileage is a steady 27-30 mpg. If Fiat could just refine the ride and improve interior quality, the X would be about perfect.

    I would rate overall dependability as excellent as my X has never left me stranded or required a tow. Original battery. Original brakes have plenty of life left although somewhere around 50k, the front rotors started shaking some, indicating they are warped. It's not bad enough to require replacement yet. The suspension is still clunk free. All power accessories work properly and the AC continues to be extra cold. Impressively, the paint has stood up well to the Florida sun and still looks great.

    I do ding Fiat on body integrity, parts availability and dealer experience, which I rate below average. Body integrity was poor on my X as various plastic parts either rattled/creaked, faded, didn't fit right, or attachment points broke easily. The broken engine mount, broken air filter box, and malfunctioning recirculate mode on the AC were the main warranty issues and required multiple trips to the dealer but none of those rendered the car undriveable. As for parts, if it isn't brake pads or filters, the wait time is pretty much a minimum of 2 weeks which is ridiculous in this day and age and causes concern as the car gets older. Dealer service is awful for the most part although there are a few decent dealers out there.
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    Thanks for the honest write up!

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    Thanks! I don't own a 500X but was fascinated by them since they were introduced. I had been considering one but I think the vehicle is just a tad too small for my needs. One thing I have to say is I live in Anchorage Alaska and I have not seen a single 500X on the road. Not a one. Jeep Renegades are fairly popular, but very few Fiats and NO X's. Just an weird observation, considering the massive number of SUVs in this city.
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