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Thread: Two Millionth Fiat 500 Made in Europe

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    Two Millionth Fiat 500 Made in Europe

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    The two millionth Fiat 500 was made at the Tychy Plant in Poland last Thursday, the 10th of May. The Fiat 500 is a worldwide sales phenomenon being sold in over 100 countries. Over 80 percent of sales are outside of Italy. In Europe, the Fiat 500 has been a consistent best seller in the city car segment since its introduction in 2007. Eleven years after its debut, the 500 had its best ...

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    With the post about Fiat not doing so hot in the first quarter this year, this is an eye-opener to the big picture. Sales are zooming!
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    I was thinking they just hit 1 million a year or two ago.
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