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Gas prices!! - Page 8
500 Madness
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Thread: Gas prices!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by smark View Post
    State by state gas priced. All the octanes..

    So for me, going from cheapest (Texas) to most expensive (Ca.) costs me an extra $340 per year in gas prices. Considering how insanely expensive property tax is in Texas, I'm WAY ahead living in Ca. Thanks for that info, I feel better already
    2017 500 Abarth, manual trans, NAV, Beats, Sunroof, 17" wheels, everything. But no mods. None, nada.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mp4guy View Post
    If you actually need to do those things, fine. Most people don't haul 4x8s or hook up power tools away from home.
    I live in a brand new subdivision. Lots of pickup trucks, hauling landscaping, new trees, building supplies. My old neighbor has a large F 150. Pulls his 24” travel trailer with it. He also has a pontoon boat. That truck pulls. I hate to think how much it’s cost him for gas, to fill up.


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    Quote Originally Posted by smark View Post
    How about a person, that buys,a brand new F 150 Lighting. That guy can skip the gas station all together. He can go to the cleaners, then to Home Depot. Pickup a load of plywood and 2X4s. 0-60, in 4.5 seconds. Over 500 hp, seats 5 comfortably. Still have room in the bed, for trip to the garden center. Where the ICE, used to reside. Is a Storage trunk, under hood. Contractor can use the electric power off hes truck. For power tools.
    Yep, the contractor's special version is a product in search of a non-existant market. My neighbors and nephew are all contractors. Trust me, you don't want construction crews anywhere near your PU, especially one that cost you $90K. Dan spent much of last week replacing cords and repairing equipment from this summer's work with a siding crew because of ignorant/careless workers. Power, water, and sewer are the first things they hook up at a job site.

    I have to take my PU to a shop and have it put on the lift next week. I think maybe the gas thief is back because, when I filled up, gas is leaking from the top of the tank. Fortunately the tank was empty, but I think I'll probably have to replace the filler. (We are back to $60 fills... fortunately don't need to fill the PU very often.)

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    Again the F-150 is the #1 selling model of light truck and car in America. The people who buy them aren't all contractors. Second place is the Ram and third is the Silverado. Most of these vehicles will never see so much as a haybale in their beds, and their basically a fashion statement. So too, is a Ferrari, but don't cry about it if you bought more vehicle than you needed and a historically volatile commodity blows the wrong way.

    If the truck is genuinely used by a tradesman for work, he can expense the fuel costs against his earnings.
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