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Hello - New Member and Fiat Owner!
500 Madness
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Thread: Hello - New Member and Fiat Owner!

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    Hello - New Member and Fiat Owner!

    Hello! I am Lizzie, and I purchased a brand new 2016 Fiat 500X Lounge (downsized from a Ford Edge) in Sep 2017, and am just finally getting around to joining the Fiat 500 forum. I've stumbled upon this forum in the past while searching for reviews and also troubleshooting some recent issues with my Fiat (aka Mario). I looked at several micro SUV's in person and online, and fell in love with the Fiat 500X at first test drive. Unfortunately, my car is in the shop due to a consistent issue with my airbag warning sensor coming on and now an issue with my fuel gauge tracker. Love my car, but not loving the time I am finding myself staring into the face of the Fiat Service Mx team. Looking forward to reading others experience (good/bad) w/the 500X.
    Lizzie...Owner of a 2016 Fiat 500X Lounge aka "Mario"

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    Welcome to the group. Hope they get your issues sorted out. Not an enjoyable experience to be in the shop all the time.
    2017 Abarth (Celeste Blu)
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    Feroce - Carbon Fibre Front and Rear Duct Trim - Carbon Fibre Rear Diffuser
    Prosport Boost Guage / Tint Guy- Dark Tinted Windows
    Shrader Rear Seat Delete/ Madness Rear Compartment Cover
    TMC- Carbon Fibre Front and Rear Emblem Covers/ Carbon Fibre Tail Light Trim

    !!! ROLL TIDE !!!!

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    Congrats on your 500X ! ... I wish there was one parked next to my 500 Sport instead of a Honda CR-V- much, much nicer to drive. The Honda drives like a Metro Transit bus. Sorry to hear of your issues and hopefully your studio/dealer can remedy them soon- it may be something simple as a software update. It's annoying to be sure to make unplanned trips to the service department- I had a couple of issues with my 500 Sport in the beginning as did my better half and the CR-V.... no brand is immune. Keep us posted.
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    Welcome to the forum Lizzie, sorry you're having issues with your X. I really like the looks of the X and hope they get yours fixed soon.

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    Welcome to the forum and congrats on the X. How are things going with the airbag and fuel tracker?
    2013 Rosso Abarth with 61K miles, Koni yellow shocks, Madness springs, Neu-f rear sway bar, EBC Yellowstuff brake pads, DOT4 brake fluid, K&N air filter, autocross 17 inch Ciao Milano wheels with Bridgestone Potenza RE71R, daily wheels stock 16 inch Dunlop DZ102. 2017 1st place HS Tidewater Sports Car Club: 2016-2015 1st Place TSCC GS class; 2014-2013: 2nd place in SCCA South Carolina Region G Stock.
    My Car blog: http://www.nms-racing.net/

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