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Thread: 500T Boost Gauge install

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    500T Boost Gauge install

    Can anyone tell me if the Abarth boost gauge wiring is present in the 500T. about to order and install a Depo boost gauge and would like to tap into the factory wiring ( if present ) for a nice clean factory install

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    I'm not sure if the factory wiring is there, but tapping acc and battery power from the fuse box is pretty straight forward. You only need to run about a foot of wire since the fuse box is right there behind the dash where the boost gauge goes. The bigger wiring job is routing the wiring for the sender into the engine bay so you can tap into a vacuum line. I just ran mine through the door loom and behind the fender, but I'm sure there's a spot somewhere in the firewall you could run wire through as well.
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    If you pull the carpet back by the pedals, there's a hole already there. Just pop the lug out and you can run your line through there. If you have the craven speed throttle body space, I believe it has a place to tap into. Here's some threads about it. I hope it helps.



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