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Thread: Fiat 500L Hits 500,000 Milestone

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    Fiat 500L Hits 500,000 Milestone

    Has Just Posted the Following:

    The 500,000 Fiat 500L rolled off the assembly line at the FCA plant in Kragujevac, Serbia yesterday. The fun to drive Fiat 500L MPV is known for packing full-size interior room within its sub-compact outside dimensions and for being the best selling car in its market segment in Europe. Introduced in 2012, the Fiat 500L has been the top-selling car of its type for five years throughout the ...

    Read about it here...

    PS. There's a neat video that has the new 500L press introduction in Europe you may find interesting.

    abarth500forum.com fiat124spiderforum.com fiat500lusaforum.com fiat500xforum.com

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    I’ve always liked the look too bad it gets such bad press in the states!


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    I've done my part...bought our second one in January !
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    Ok. I thought it was going to say 500,000 miles on one car. Oops.
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