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Thread: Fiat Spider Record Monza Exhaust Coming!

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    Fiat Spider Record Monza Exhaust Coming!

    Has Just Posted the Following:

    Fiat enthusiasts will be happy to hear the long awaited Record Monza exhaust system for the Fiat 124 Spider Abarth is on its way! This special exhaust upgrade features a Dual Mode Muffler that has a valve that bypasses the muffler depending on engine load. Its name honors Carlo Abarth's speed record he personally set at the Monza race track in 1965...

    Read about it here...

    abarth500forum.com fiat124spiderforum.com fiat500lusaforum.com fiat500xforum.com

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    I thought the mopar was the same or similar? But anyways meaning you can go to the fiat dealer and order the parts? It’s great news. I am thinking that after I finish my degree I will get one. Maybe abarth 124 or 4c does Mr fiat500usa know about the fiat/Alfa cpo program ?

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