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new fiat owner question about the radio
500 Madness
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Thread: new fiat owner question about the radio

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    new fiat owner question about the radio

    I just bought a 2014 500L trekking with beats package. As you know it is now 2018. Upon turning on the radio I somehow already have Sirius on there. Surely I can't have a free account or even a trial with this car being 4 years old. If so cool. I'll implement the whole "don't ask, don't tell". I just haven't been able to find any information on the subject really other than you had to have the beats package in order to have Sirius. Anyways if someone has insight on this it would be greatly appreciated.

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    When I bought my used 2013 from a private party last year I had 3 months of SiriusXM. I never asked but I always assumed FIAT activated it when they transferred the warranty into my name.

    Touch back in 3 months and let us know if someone is paying for your account (has happened to me) or if FIAT gives a 3 mo. trial to all new owners regardless of vehicle age.

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    Welcome to the forum. Maybe someone had prepaid for a year (or a certain period) and you are getting what's left. They may have forgot to cancel their subscription. Sirius billing is a little flaky. For years I received renewal updates from Sirius for my 2012 Prima Edizione I traded in back in 2012.
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    When I bought my 2013 Abarth earlier this year, Fiat sent me a letter saying that they are giving me three free months of Sirius. I bought mine from a VW dealer and the car's factory warranty was expired. I have no idea how they tracked me down and sent me a letter. The only problem is after the free three months and my wife's VW free year of Sirius, they send me 2-3 letter a week about re subscribing. On top of that the VW dealership messed up when we bought the VW and wrote on the sales contract that we would get three free years of Sirius, but only gave us a year. I called them and they reactivated it, but we still get letters for the car even though we have an active radio. I could probably heat a small home by burning the amount of letters I receive.

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    I got my 500 the other day and I have the same 3 months free of Sirius but I have also received an email this morning from Sirius too to let me know I had this benefit. I believe they know somehow when the car has a new owner.

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    Same here. 3 month free on my 2012 I bought last July.

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