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FIAT CLUB AMERICA.....Join the club!
500 Madness
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Thread: FIAT CLUB AMERICA.....Join the club!

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    FIAT CLUB AMERICA.....Join the club!

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    I am Canadian and have been a member for 15 years.
    in 2023 FCA will be celebrating your 40th Fiat Freak-out
    Canadians used to attend in large numbers but have become discouraged because in the 40 years there has never been a national Fiat Freak-out in Canada.
    If the FCA is the larges and most active Fiat club in North American not only in the United States , why has there never been a Fiat Freak-out in Canada.

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    The answer is simple. FCA is made up of volunteers from different chapters across North America. Every FFO ever put on was done by volunteers from a chapter who hosted an event. What I would recommend is get together with your local chapter and arrange to host a Freakout. Again...the chapters must put on the events and not the club. It has been this way for 40 years. Your chapter needs to put a proposal into the club and then they will make it happen. Good Luck!

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