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500T tune-up
500 Madness
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Thread: 500T tune-up

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    Carpe Diem Lifetime Member 500ways's Avatar
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    500T tune-up

    Mt 500T has 30,000 on the clock and is due for plugs, air filter and miscellaneous items to be inspected. I no longer have the time to do this myself even though it's not a big deal.

    I prefer using the Studio for the service. Any insight from anyone as to what I should expect to pay?

    When I grow up, I want to be a Ferrari!

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    You should be able to check those costs for a common service on line, even look at more than one dealer if you have options. I'm guessing you'll pay 150 and up, given the fact that they might mark up the spark plugs.

    Some dealers will let you provide your own oil, filter, plugs, but other dealers will not use stuff you provide since they don't want to be responsible for warranty on unknown parts. If they are willing to do this, you can probably get the parts cheaper like on Amazon or than the dealer will sell them (since they make money on parts also.)

    Once someone starts working on it in the garage it's probably no more than 2 hours of work, but when they're busy, you're likely going to drop it early in the day and get it back in the afternoon. Another option would be any local mechanics/garages that will work on the FIAT.

    I've done oil and spark plugs on my Abarth, and the spark plugs are easier than the oil change in my opinion!
    2013 Rosso Abarth with 68K miles, Koni yellow shocks, Madness springs, Neu-f rear sway bar, EBC Yellowstuff brake pads, DOT4 brake fluid, K&N air filter, autocross 17 inch Ciao Milano wheels with Bridgestone Potenza RE71R, daily wheels stock 16 inch Dunlop DZ102. 2017 1st place HS Tidewater Sports Car Club: 2016-2015 1st Place TSCC GS class; 2014-2013: 2nd place in SCCA South Carolina Region G Stock.
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