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Thread: Wanted: Ignition and key

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    Hey everyone,
    So it seems like there's an issue with the vendor that supplies fiat with their keys (according to the dealership) and there is no eta on when I will be able to get a new set of keys and ignition for my car so if anyone is parting out their fiat and is willing to sell me their ignition and key let me know
    I have a 2012 fiat abarth
    Any suggestions on how to possibly fix my issue another way would be also appreciated, key won't turn in the ignition I was informed that it's common for the tumblers to wear out...dont completely believe what I'm hearing but you never know


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    I have a 2012 Fiat 500 sport have a key for the ignition and even have the little card with the key code interested?
    I figured out how the gas pedal works and I'm pretty good with the clutch but still got no clue what the rectangular pedal does.

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