I'm new to the forum, so Hiya!
I'm kinda jealous - y'all seem to have Abarths? (My first Fiat experience was a 500 Abarth from the junkyard when I was 12 in 1965. He swapped the Abarth engine for a regular one and rebuilt it. It was the first car he let me help with - while he held the engine, I crawled under & tightened the bolts. It had a kph speedometer - in the TN mountains. When loaded, it wouldn't go up the hill at the end of the street. By loaded I mean, my 150lb dad, my pregnant 250lb mom, my scrawny 9yr old brother, me (not a little girl), my dad's brother & his wife who were both over 6' and 200 lbs.)
I'm adjusting from a 2003 Passat Turbo to a 2017 500L Trekking as my daily car. I've had it about 5 weeks and put 2000+ miles on it. I have a leadfoot (red lines don't scare me) and have avg'd 35-36 mpg with a combination of highway & big city stop'n go in traffic but Hubby (who drives like an old woman) has shared the highway driving so it's not as good as it should be. I use onboard calculator as well as a record book.
Oh, and I've used nitrogen in my tires for over 10 years, almost never have a tire pressure issue, and get 80%+ of the rated miles out of my tires (where avg here is 50-60% - brands won't stand behind their warrantees here due to the road composition).