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Thread: Proud New Owner of a 2014 500C GQ Edition

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    Proud New Owner of a 2014 500C GQ Edition

    For the last 2 years I have toyed with the idea of an Abarth Cabrio. I own 2 1970's BMW's and an M Roadster. I love my 1970's BMW's for what they are. Then I bought the M Roadster and realized that I love the old cars for what they are, not for how they drive (although, for the 70's they are no slouch). So for the last 2 years I have debated on whether or not to sell my vintage cars and get a fun daily driver. Requirements included:
    * Fun to drive
    * Convertible
    * Unique
    * Fun to drive (I meant the repetition)

    I tried the Ford ST cars. Both nice, both faster, but I didn't smile while driving them. My wife drives a MINI and they are fun and fast, but are not quirky enough to be fun. My son drives a 2012 Pop and even the tiny 100 hp version just made me smile. The only new car in the world that could seem to do that. I love speed, so why not an Abarth!!!

    I have located and landed on 2-3 500C's over the years but just wasn't ready to part with Ivory and Ebony. I started driving my vintage cars again and decided it was time for a new car.

    So here I am - a 2014 500C GQ Edition that had only 20,000 miles and it is fun!!! It is a driver's car and a fun car. My M Roadster is all about driving, and driving fast all the time and I love it for that. The 500 is a driver's car when you want it to be and a fun car when you want it to be and just something to go back and forth to work - or all 3 at the same time.

    I am looking forward to many years with this car!!!

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    wh-400 congrats on your purchase and happy motoring sir
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    Welcome to the forum and congrats to the GQ!

    I agree that what makes the FIAT 500 fun is that it's different than anything else out there. The world is filled with too many gray/silver/black 4 door look-alike boxes rolling around!
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    Good on ya!!! I've gone through that scenario in my mind many times! I wish I could find a non-Abarth Turbo Cabrio(alas, DW needs an auto-trans) OR wish FIAT would reintroduce such a package. 500c Turbo...auto...that's all I ask

    What's your color? How about some pics?

    Gonna be 80 degrees today after a beautiful morning...guess the Volvo C70 will just have to suffice
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    congrats and welcome!

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    Welcome & congrats.

    The 500, naturally aspirated and/or turbo'd, is definitely a driver's car. It's an old school-minded working class hero in the modern era of automobiles.



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    Congrats, hope you have those many years of enjoyment with the new to you ride!

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    Welcome to the forum and congrats on your GQ. I will have to agree that driving a fiat is always a blast. You'll make up reasons to take out on the road daily.
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