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Thread: aftermarket wheels

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    Are they 4x98s or 4-100s?

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    Abarth wheels are a direct fit at 4x98, but switching an E to anything less aero it's best to get something light unless you don't care about range or acceleration. Stock E wheels are pretty heavy, so there's lots of room to lower the weight for better city range & zip, but nearly everything is less aero, which drops highway range.

    With wheels around 10 pounds you can break even with better city range & worse highway range, depending on your mix miles at slow & high speeds.

    Matching-width rims all-around works fine. Some users (including 2 of my friends) even had stock front & back reversed without any problem.

    Reasonably-priced light rims are a bit tough to find with 4x98, but many users including me are running 4x100s with floating-cone bolts, generally called "wobble" bolts, even though they do NOT wobble. The 12x1.25mm thread bolts are rock-solid. It's just the cones that slide into alignment & are solidly held in place once tight. IF like me you want service at America's Tire, you need the bolts to protrude at least 10mm from the back of the wheel, to engage 8 full turns into the hub. I happened on my bolts by accident, which protrude enough from MY wheels' hubs with 30mm shank length (from tip to narrow end of cone), but a quick Amazon search didn't show any that long, so it would be nice if someone else reading this can find a source & post it here.

    If you're willing to work with that, the best deals I found on light 15" wheels were at

    Miata NA/NB 1990-2005 Wheels - Mazda Performance Parts (

    I went with Advanti Storms several years ago, & I'd probably do it again...:

    Advanti Racing Storm S1 15x7 Titanium Mirror Finish for Miata , 15x7 (

    The only exception is that for a bit more, the Enkei RPF-1 is lighter, but I don't like the look:

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