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Thread: 500L Brake pad recommendation

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    Quote Originally Posted by WileyCoyote View Post
    While a quick search on that name doesn't show anything that resembles my 2014's Front brake set up, the name is less important that knowing how to pull them apart. It's an interesting design to say the least and there isn't much out there as far as info to service them. Wish the OP the best of luck and to only do one side at a time (in case you need to see how it supposed to go back together).
    I think that any lack of information out there on how to service them is because they are such a common design that every shop sees them all the time on many different makes and models from different countries. My friend's shop with only one lift probably has a dozen cars a week on that lift and probably we'll more than half of those cars have these styles of brake caliper at the front or rear.

    This is a good visual on the difference between the Girling style that we have on the rear and the Teves style on the front. Note that our rears have the additional handbrake mechanism sticking out the back. Teves and Girling also make versions with a handbrake mechanism. I have a Teves rear caliper with handbrake mechanism on my 80s and 90s Saabs.


    Hope this helps anyone who is wondering what the heck I've been going on about!

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    Hey guys,

    Just as another recommendation, I recently put new pads and rotors on all four corners (front rotors were warped, and pads in back gone at 28k miles) and went with this set up:

    Power Stop disks and Evolution ceramic pads, they have been working great.

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    Hello guys, I don't know if this is he correct place but I'm planning to change the front brake pads and rotors and I don't know the torque specifications for the disc brake caliper adapter bracket and the caliper guide pin which torque specifications did you use when changing brakes and rotors? appreciate your help. Thank you!

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