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Thread: Mopar Cold air Intake Repair parts issues

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    Mopar Cold air Intake Repair parts issues

    I have a 2012 Fiat 500 Pop with the Mopar cool air intake installed. It has work very well with noticeable HP increase as well as a more sporty sound. Now that the car has 46,000, I noticed the rubber "donuts" that hold the metal air ducting together have sheared off, allowing the air duct to separate and allow unfiltered air into the engine. Not a problem, just order the two rubber parts and replace them right? After checking with my local Fiat parts department, I am told only the entire kit is available. Temporarily, I have used duct tape to hold them together while I search for the right parts. Any else run into this issue and have a parts solutions?

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    Yes I have, contact 500 madness. They should have a part for you. I was quoted $500 for mossy fiat. I said that's insane. I need to buy a whole new system just for a little part. When they took it off for a little service and oils change they broke it. It cost me about $40 from 500 madess. Hope that helps.

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