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Thread: Boost Leak Tester recommendations and hesitation/stutter question

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    So I got my boost leak tester in and attempted to use it today, attempt being the keyword here.

    I disconnected my Madness Maxflow Intake and removed that from under the hood. As instructed from Turbo Boost Leak Testers site, I connected the tester directly to the inlet of the turbo. I did an initial test of 5 psi (which was somewhere between 5-6 psi). I used a timer to clock how long it holds that pressure until it reaches 0. I then went to 10 psi and, of course, gradually attempted to go higher. Below are some of my results before reaching my issues:

    5-6 psi to 0 psi took 41-50 seconds
    10-11 psi to 5 psi took 35-36 seconds
    10-11 psi to 0 psi took 1 minute and 22-32 seconds
    11-12 psi to 5 psi took 39 seconds
    11-12 psi to 0 psi took 1 minutes and 35 seconds

    I read that a loss of 1 psi/second is considered good and holding pressure for any longer than that is great. So at least up to 11-12 psi that I tested to before stopping shows good results.

    When initially testing, I couldn't even get the gauge to go up to 5 psi. I kept hearing a hissing noise in my air filter box. It was the hose that connect to it from EVAP (?) connections. I disconnected the hose from the air filter box and plugged it with a bolt and a hose clamp. I was now able to get 5 psi no problem. But above that, I would still get a hiss from it. Adding some plumbers tape to the bolt stopped the hissing from there.

    The next issue was when I got to the 10-psi mark I heard air escaping near the tester. Turned out it was the tester itself. I dismantled the tester and saw they had some electrical tape (or similar) wrapped around the gauge portion that goes into the silicone tubing to give it more of a snug fit. Figuring that maybe it wasn't enough, I did several passes with plumbers tape around it and tightened the t-bolt clamp a little more than they had it. No more hissing from there.

    Now my next challenge was trying to get it to 15 psi, which I was never able to make it to. I was hear air escape or recirculate where all the hoses go in and out of the box where the PCV valve resides. The host on the top right, I disconnected and proceeded to pressurize the system. Sure enough, air was coming through that hose too (which is then going into the valve/port it plugs into and escaping the the crankcase filter I have on the box, which is how Madness has their Maxflow intake setup). I thought about plugging that one too and moving on, but I figured I would stop for the day and consult with my "experts" here on the next steps and to figure out what all am I suppose to plug to do a boost leak test. I didn't want to end up plugging up the wrong connections and end up damaging something all from just trying to test for leaks.

    I will say that I didn't hear any air escaping elsewhere. But I want to fully test the system to at least 18-20 psi and, preferably, as high as 24 psi (or so) to verify I wouldn't have any leaks when I decide to get a tune.
    2015 Fiat 500 Abarth (Red Rosso, automatic)
    GFB DV+ Diverter Valve
    Madness Maxflow Intake System
    Sila Concepts Thermal Blanket

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    Sorry Virtual, I just saw this thread. So what pressure were you finally able to get to? I am wondering also if I have some boost leaks, some that could be causing me to go into limp mode and throw some codes (see my thread). Thanks!

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