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Thread: Anyone else have issues of their 500X front seatbelts twisting?

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    Anyone else have issues of their 500X front seatbelts twisting?

    Every so often the driver's side shoulder section of the seat belt on my X gets twisted and then gets stuck in the loop by the door. I thought I fixed it by pulling the seat belt all the way out making sure that retracts correctly. Then after undoing the belt and letting it retract it twists and gets stuck in the loop so that the next time I get back in and try to put the seat belt on I have to untwist it so I can pull it. Does that make sense? Anyone else having this issue?

    Here's the loop thing I'm talking about by the door:
    Fiat500USA.com-Fiat_500X_LADebut 184.JPG
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    I asked my wife and that doesn't happen to her, but one thing that annoys her is that the seatbelt buckle hits and scratches the B Pillar. There should be a pad or something there to prevent the contact with the pillar.

    The next time I drive it I'll see if I have the issue.

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    I have the issue. Its a random foldover of the belt as you retract it. Doesn't happen all the time. Its as if the belt is too thin and if thicker might prevent the foldover.
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    Well I had a major thing go wrong.. the fan assembly quit in my car, and apparently it's an issue known to FCA with a forth coming recall of all 2016s at least with the Tigershark engine. This is a MOPAR part failure , not a fault of Fiat but it is potentialy catastrophic , and can result in rapid overheating and engine failure. Their backlog for these parts has my car sitting at the dealership for possibly the next three months . The problem is so bad FCA is paying for me to have a rental car that entire time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Donatella View Post
    Well I had a major thing go wrong.. the fan assembly quit in my car,
    And how does it refer to seat belt?
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    Yes! This happens all the time and is annoying.

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    It's happened to me twice I think. One time it was quite difficult to get it untwisted as it was stuck solid in the loop.
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