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Brand new L with electrical gremlin from Day 1
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Thread: Brand new L with electrical gremlin from Day 1

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    Brand new L with electrical gremlin from Day 1

    I picked up a new 17 500L last Saturday,

    Day 1
    1. Dealer installs new battery as old not holding charge
    2. I took ownership.. noticed lock button flashing and overhead light not working. Checked fuse - blown. Replaced fuse.. that blew.
    3. Took back to dealer Monday, they fixed flash lock button. Told me they put in new overhead light and it now works. I took deliver again.
    3. Drove an hour and overhead light again, not operable, fuse blown again.

    I’ve had trouble with this car from DAY ONE.

    What should I do.. I’m not happy. This is my 4th fiat. No issues with my 500c and Abarth.

    Did I buy a lemon?

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    Owning an L is a love hate relationship. Personally, I love my L, but it’s had some issues. From simple things like the glove box dampener breaking off its mounts to the current bitch of a time that it’s taking to schedule a recall repair (2014 models) with a dealer that will do it without me having to pay them and then get reimbursed by FCA. You want a car that will test your DIY ingenuity? You’ve found the right car. But let me again restate that I love my car and it’s perfect for my family. Did you get a lemon? Probably not, however if you need a wiring diagram to fix whatever short is causing that light to blow fuses, let me know. I doubt the wiring is that different from 14 to 17.
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    I can only agree with wiley coyote, i m in the same shape: love/hate my 2014 L.
    This is the 4th Fiat in the US, as Italian I grew up with Fiat in Italy, but this L is really testing my love to the extreme. The car is well engineered, just a few components seem to have quality issues:I changed a clutch switch, the turbo, an oxygen sensor, in reverse sometimes it makes a grinding noise, the heat unit broke once and now in the middle of a freezing winter the heat unit is broken again, no heat on the passenger side, even with closed vents I have cold air blowing. So I like the car, when every thing works a great car, but sure it s testing my limits.
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    'Sorry to read this stuff. But the Elle isn't the only current Fiat to test limits.

    I will say I've heard of electrical problems before. A local high end dealer sold a used 500L that came back with electrical glitches... they basically rewired the car.

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    Knock on wood, I haven't discovered any electrical gremlins in the L I picked up on Monday. Except for the crazy radio, our '15 L was electrically snafu-free; so I'm hoping for the same with the '17. We shall see!!! I hope any electrical nonsense doesn't occur when the top is open and a Texas gully-washer heads this way!!!
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    I've been searching for a hot min trying to find a wiring diagram for my 500L, where did you find it? I love my 500L, but its such a unicorn to find information about it.

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