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I love the weight and feel of the new knob. Not to mention the look is a million times better than stock. The plate is vanity only, and I literally was looking at the car one day, and it reminded me of a very angry sounding mouse.
It's the same name as a mini roller coaster I grew up with that has sharp corners with no banking, feels like you are going to be flung off every time. Very much the same reaction passengers have in a 500 on a roundabout due to the high seating position. =P Like I said, weirdly perfect in my eyes.


I'm a little bummed about the TWM having a learning curve. I prefer to be able to hand over my car to someone without a laundry list of things they need to be mindful of. I always forget that nobody is used to a non-lockout reverse and nearly every guest grinds my reverse. XD. At the end of the day, I'll get used to it and it's my car, so everyone else can suffer. But I do like to share my car with others so it's a bit of a bummer.

The only other short throw kit I did was on my diesel golf and it was a transmission side kit which removed the linkage counter weight. The whole set-up had ZERO weight to it and was incredibly notchy. I loved it, my wife wasn't a huge fan, but she never missed a gear either. I saw the giant counter weight on the Abarth trans while I was replacing cable bushings but decided to leave it in tact for now. I suspect I would like the feel of heavy cabin side, light trans side.