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Thread: Control Arm redesign?

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    Control Arm redesign?

    Awhile ago, I read that the 500's control arms were superseded after the initial Prima's were made. I also read that the entire front suspension had to be changed in order to accommodate the newly designed arms. Can anyone tell me the difference in the original arm design? Is it true that nothing fits?



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    A shame this went unanswered. In the same boat now with my 2012 Sport. Dealer wants to charge me $1200 for just the front lower pass. side because it is "redesigned" other shops in the area won't touch it. I don't have the knowledge to know if I can just get an aftermarket control arm and have that replace.

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    I replaced my driver's side control arm with an aftermarket one purchased from Rock Auto and have had no problems once I found the correct torque specs. The front pivot and the rear bolts are torqued to 80 ft-lbs + 45. It's a cheap fix if you don't mind spending the time in your garage to replace it yourself.
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