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Thread: Delay Logging In

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    Delay Logging In

    Some of you may have noticed that when you first login there can be a delay in the forum showing your status as logged in. Ignore that. You are logged in and don't need to repeat the process. Refreshing the page will fix it, or ignore it and go about clicking around on a post, etc.

    The way around this while we work on it is just check the box under your username where you login that says "keep me logged in" or something like that.

    Occasionally, there can also be a delay in your new post showing up. Don't worry, it will post, it can just take a few moments. I appreciate your patience while we figure all this out.

    Admin note: This has been FIXED! Thanks for your patience while we figured this out.

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    Delay in showing logged in. Just want to bump this topic if you are having an issue logging in. Thanks for your patience.

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    The delay showing you are logged in issue looks to be solved. Thanks for everyone's patience while we figured this out. Always let me know if you have an issue with the site.

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    Thanks, Chris!

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