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Not many cars on the road that are doing better.
Don't tell the diesel guys that. I was always irked when my MPG dropped below 40, which was usually only when temps were in double digit negatives. It was incredibly boring and sterile compared to the Abarth but I do find myself missing 600 mi tanks and full torque at 1700rpm on occasion.

I just checked and my TDI was only $0.009 cheaper per mile than my 32mpg Abarth (filled with 91 non-oxy exclusively). So in 10,000 miles I've "wasted" $90 on fuel. The afterfires alone are worth twice that much to me. I've probably had half a dozen people frown and tell me how disappointing my efficiency is for such a small car, I just smile and tell them that's not really the point of the car for me.

I guess my point is, I'm glad you like your ideal efficiency, but don't deny yourself fun or comfort to achieve it.