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Thread: Fiat 500: One day in Turin

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    Fiat 500: One day in Turin

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    In this video, the Fiat 500 celebrates its 60th Birthday with a tour of the city of Turin and historic Fiat sites. The Fiat 500 debuted in Turin on July 4th, 1957. That model, which is known as the Nuova 500, was sold from 1957 to 1975 and reached 4 million sales. The modern Fiat 500 was introduced on July 4th, 2007 and has racked up over 2 million sales in its first ten years.

    Read about it here...

    abarth500forum.com fiat124spiderforum.com fiat500lusaforum.com fiat500xforum.com

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    Very cool, only 60 years old!
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    Always fun looking back on your roots. Thanks for posting this.
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