Has anyone tried to install one of Chris's V4.1 intakes in the Tiffany blue color on a "celeste blu" Abarth? I have spent two days looking at it and in some pictures its dead on, and others its off a bit. My car looks quite different in different light, so its hard to say they are a match? I called Chris and he said the tubing is more greenish compared to the Celeste blu color? I'm ok if its a bit off, and I don't want to put Chris in an opinion specific role on here..LOL.. I'm leaning on just ordering black, and treating the engine cover to a bit of color, but the blue would look good if it was close.

In short, if you have one post up a picture please!!!


V41AMANDABLUE_1024x1024.jpgFiat_LA_AutoShow (14).jpg2016_Fiat_500_Abarth_Celeste-c (1).jpg