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Thread: Getting harder to find oil

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fiatfan522 View Post
    Good afternoon everyone. I have a concern that I've noticed over the past year. It's not a problem with my car at all, but with the availability of oil that I use in my car. I've been using Pennzoil Platinum Euro 5W-40 since I've had the car. I don't drive the Abarth lot so I only do 2 oil changes a year. 6 months ago it was difficult to find the oil I use in my local autoparts stores. Now it's time to change it again and no one seems to carry it anymore. I live in Northeast PA so Abarth's are rare, but this new development has become an annoyance. So I'm seeking advice regarding other brands of oil that are known to be good for our cars. I have a 2012 Abarth by the way. Any input would be helpful since it appears the stores around here have given up carrying what I need. Thanks in advance.
    just order it on amazon, they sell it in cases

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    Quote Originally Posted by gundam2000 View Post
    its easy to get here in Canada.

    For all the people suggesting to use something other than the factory oil, please don't do it. The oil runs the Multi air system. Other brands of oil will act differently in the system. Only use what meets the specification. (there are a few oils that do).
    There have been multi air failures and it has been suspected to have been caused by using e85 fuel and or using non approved oil.

    just quoting so it's said at least twice :P
    use the correct oil, or fiat will tell you to f-off if you experience a failure

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    I have had my abarth got just over two years with less than 13 k miles, only change my oil once a year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Nixon View Post
    I'll echo the Amazon fans here, it's really convenient.

    And if you're not driving much, you know you can go 8,000 plus miles on synthetic oil, so maybe you only need to change oil once a year.

    Not a turbo, but my 4 cylinder Toyota Camry uses synthetic, and the owners manual interval is a flat 10,000 between changes. Over 118,000 miles and no issues. Today's engines and oils are way beyond the old 3,000 mile change days.
    Thanks for the advice. I still prefer to change it twice a year because of the area I live in and the temperature changes that occur with the change of seasons. Also changing it twice a year gives me the chance to look over the underside of the car a couple times a year. I think I will be using Amazon from now on to get the oil I need.

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    Had issues locating it (same oil) locally here in NC as well.

    Pep Boys was the only place that carry it but they have little to no stock.

    Went to the dealer and it was slightly cheaper so I buy there now.

    Amazon is also an option I'd use if needed. Having Prime makes it an even better deal.

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    Here in central Virginia I've had no problem getting Penz Euro 5W-40 through Advance Auto. As a bonus, they offer 20 or 25% discounts periodically, so that's when I'll buy a few cases (I also use the Penz in my other cars).

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    Quote Originally Posted by acroy View Post
    M1 0w40 - great stuff, easy to find, cheap. Run for 5k. No worries, be happy.
    While the brand issue is debatable (I personally use Pennzoil as recommended), I would highly suggest you don't change oil weight except in extreme weather conditions. 5w40 is specified for a reason on this car.

    I'm not going to tell you just "Multi-air is sensitive", I'm going to tell you why.

    The multi-air system is probably one of the ONLY engine management systems out there that actually does temperature and viscosity calculations on your oil to ensure the valve timing is correct. You read that correctly. Multiair offers variable valve timing, and does this through hydraulic solenoids. When the solenoid fires, a pressurized hydraulic system actuates the valve. There is a delay in the motion of the fluid within the valve that must be accounted for. Ie, if you want the valve to operate at a specific time, you have to fire the solenoid at a time slightly before that to account for "hydraulic lag". The speed at which this happens depends on the current thickness - or viscosity - of the oil. This is why the oil temp sensor on MA motor is located in the VVT unit, so it gets the temperature of the oil within that unit. It takes the current oil temperature and does "math" based on 5w40 oil to determine the current viscosity, and therefore set the valve timing. This happens many times every second.

    The issue is, if you change your oil to a different grade of oil than recommended, those calculations will be thrown off. Maybe just a little bit, not enough to notice, but they will be off. In very hot or cold conditions, it may be off enough to cause actual problems in performance.

    Plus a 0 weight oil is stretched further than 5 weight, which makes it less desirable for turbo operation.

    Stick with 5w40 - and make sure if you DO change brands, the oil you choose matches the flow characteristics of the recommended oil at very high temperatures (which we see on these engines daily). If you don't want to do that research - Just by Pennzoil 5w40 and be done with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe's 500L View Post
    I prefer Mobil 1 full synthetic but, that's just me.
    Agree with Joe. At the risk of starting an oil thread-war, you can't go wrong with Mobil1 5W-30. My wife's Sport has been running on it since new. She's got over 120,000 on it now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KellyfromVA View Post
    Agree with Joe. At the risk of starting an oil thread-war, you can't go wrong with Mobil1 5W-30. My wife's Sport has been running on it since new. She's got over 120,000 on it now.
    Just to clarify, 5W30 is spec'd out for the NA 1.4L MultiAir. Turbo engines use 5W40.

    Like aelfwyne posted, it's best to use the correct spec'd oil. Not worth the trouble.

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