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Replacing Mirror Flag Cover Molding
500 Madness
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Thread: Replacing Mirror Flag Cover Molding

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    Replacing Mirror Flag Cover Molding

    Both of my mirror flag moldings rotted and needed to be replaced. The passanger side one, pictured below was the first to go and luckily it happened during my warranty period so was replaced by the studio.

    Well about a year later my driver side went bad so I had to do it myself.

    here is the part that I ordered off ebay for about $15

    Here is what my rotted one looked like

    Its the rubber on top that rots away. It may be the Florida heat or my irregular washing patterns but the plastic just started flaking apart.

    To get it off I just pried it off. The clips come out pretty easy if you can pull it at an angle, or even if you go slow they should pop out without an issue. I pulled it pretty hard and fast so my top one snapped.

    Here you can see the new part vs the old rotted one

    I used some needle nose pliers to easily pull out the broken piece from the clip.

    At this point I couldn't figure out how to put the new piece in because the lower rubber was in the way, and then I realized that you can easily pull that piece off.

    I snapped the new piece in

    And I slid the rubber piece back in.

    Pretty easy to do. Hope this helps others with the same issue.
    I recently started a full time job, so between school and work I have very little free time for anything else. The decal making has been put on hold.

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    Thanks for the write-up! Did this myself the other day and I think the hardest part for me was figuring out what in the heck the part was called.

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    Thanks for posting that. My 2014 500e had the exact same thing happen. It spent the first three years of its life in San Francisco, not exactly a high UV area, then I brought it to Phoenix. All it took was one year and they were done.

    My original flags had a molding cost of July 2013 stamped in the back. The replacements are marked 2017 so I'm curious if they finally added the necessary UV stabilizers to the rubber portion.

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    I did my passenger side and replaced it with the newer glossy black piece as I think it looks nicer. I, however, ran into a lot of trouble and a simple 10 min job turned into about 40 min of cussing. The issue isn't getting the piece back on. It's getting it to fit under the lower weatherstrip. I took the weatherstrip off like the OP did but it refused to snap back into place with the mirror flag there. I tried everything to force it down and it simply wouldn't budge. It was crooked and driving me nuts. With the mirror flag off, the weatherstrip would snap back into place easily. The whole process was infuriating! I finally was forced to leave the weatherstrip in place and maneuver the mirror flag at an angle while using something flat to push out the weatherstrip edge so the bottom of the mirror flag could go under the weatherstrip. How did you guys get the weatherstrip to snap into place with the mirror flag in the way?? Maybe differences in door stampings?
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    I’m convinced it is the alcohol in washer solvents that dries out the rubber and deteriorates the painted strip in front of the sunroof. I use a zymol product for the flexible paints used on aeros and flexible plastics that are more subject to this. The rubber coating on the flags and the rubber strip fail from the drying effect of the washer solvent, as I see it, just as wiper blades degrade in time. I’ve noticed the flags are sitting at the same spots the washer fluid runs off the windshield in the airstream, and because of that I always rinse the washer fluid off the car after driving in the rain or using it to clean the glass.

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