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Suring up turns in a 500T? - Page 3
500 Madness
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Thread: Suring up turns in a 500T?

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    Just the back struts, or springs, too?
    Front as well?

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    In my opinion You can, after tyres, start with rear shock absorbers not changing the spring.
    Since You arrive from motorbikes, even better adjustable ones (for example Koni Sport adjustable shock absorbers) so You can experiment with different settings.

    As Ducman69 wrote, the first to change are the tyres, that will give You the biggest improvement.

    After You could also change the front ones too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ducman69 View Post
    Tires, tires, tires.

    No one ever considers it, and it is IMO without a doubt the number one thing you can do to improve the handling of your vehicle.

    OEM tires are 195/45/16 Contiprocontact all seasons, and yeah, they aren't great. Upgrade to 205/45/16 Extremecontact Sports, and your car will outturn, outbrake, and out accelerate someone on even the most expensive suspension running the OEM tires.

    Also, don't be tempted to "fix" the natural rake the car has. A lot of people do that for aesthetics, as they don't like how it looks, but the engineers didn't do that by accident and inadvertently put on the wrong height springs, they did it because it improves performance. For styling/packaging reasons, the 500 has a massive low pressure area behind the hatch and its very short, so to compensate the car has quite a bit of positive rake to create downforce so it doesn't feel as squirrely at high speed:

    tl;dr: start with tires first, then if not satisfied, change the suspension.
    My turbo came with

    Cinturato P7 All Seasons.


    The reviews don't sound awesome, but maybe it is a better tire then the Contiprocontact.
    I wonder still if it is worth the upgrade.

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    Two biggest differences for me was the addition of the RRM Rear Sway Bar and tires. If you combine it with a more aggressive camber set-up you can really feel the difference. From there you get hooked and want to switch out the suspension. I went coil overs, but I also track the car.

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    I love when an old thread resurfaces. Since then,I have added the ST rear sway bar. I choose it because it tucks under the rear axle giving a little more clearance the what the RRM bar. With all the other suspension components I have switched out, it handles great. I did put Federal 595-SS tires on, but after driving on them for a few months, I miss the BFG Sport Comp-2 tires I had before.
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