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Brakes; the least talked about upgrade.
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Thread: Brakes; the least talked about upgrade.

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    Brakes; the least talked about upgrade.

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    A lot of people take their brakes for granted. Most car enthusiasts are mostly concerned with horsepower and appearance. Here at RRM, we can not stress enough how important your braking performance is. When your car is accelerated, especially at higher-than-designed rates, it takes a large amount of energy to stop.

    Factory brakes on fiat 500's are adequate at factory power levels and speeds. But when you add things like ECMs, downpipes, pulleys, intakes etc, you are increasing the power by around 50%!

    4 Lug Front by ROAD RACE MOTORSPORTS, on Flickr

    You're going to need brakes that are at least 50% more powerful than the factory stuff. Does that mean that you need to spend large amounts of money on a big brake kit? Not at all. The factory brake design is fine, but the material choice isn't up to par. Simply upgrading to a better set of rotors and pads makes a world of difference.

    Fiat 500 Brake Rotors by ROAD RACE MOTORSPORTS, on Flickr

    Roadrace slotted and drilled rotors Fiat 500 Abarth by ROAD RACE MOTORSPORTS, on Flickr

    Brake lines and fluid are important as well. As heat and pressure build up in the fluid, your brake lines will expand, resulting in an uncomfortable squishy feeling in the pedal.

    BrakeLines1 by ROAD RACE MOTORSPORTS, on Flickr

    For any of your Fiat 500 brake needs, or any other needs for that matter, feel free to visit us online, or call us at (562) 906-0080

    A link to the Abarth brake section is listed below.
    Getting you on Track - 562-906-0080. - Hours 10-5 Pac Time

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