Legit people will generally get a message when possible if it's not obvious what the problem is. That's normal. I agonize over this stuff, and I don't like removing what someone took time to write. There is a lot of stuff written that I may not agree with, but it's a forum and that's part of the deal. I spent a lot of time on the guidelines and think they sum up what we're about.

However, that's not the problem at hand here. This is about the nut jobs out there. People that aren't legit know who they are, and aren't worth my or the forum's time and I'm not really interested in giving them any more attention with a courtesy message when they know what they did. These are people traced back to banned accounts and/or have nothing better to do than just disrupt / harass. Still, I'll look into something so people don't have to speculate. Probably makes sense. Appreciate the input.