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500e Battery Degradation? - Page 4
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Thread: 500e Battery Degradation?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PLP View Post
    You could get maybe extra 5-10%. And this is maybe.
    5-10% is a very significant gain!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rkw View Post
    5-10% is a very significant gain!

    This is maybe... as in cold days I could get 60 miles if I did not use heater at all (it was cold weather, but enough sunlight to keep warm-ish inside, plus heated seat).
    On summer in similar style, I would get roughly 65-70 miles.

    Now, mine MAYBE statement means that I am not sure if the difference in distance is due to WINTER wheels, or cold battery, or overall cold conditions (high viscosity of grease in wheel bearings for example).
    Yes, I know that battery efficiency drops with temperature, but overall capacity does not change. It just discharges slower. Therefore, I could stipulate that making the battery warm actually does not change anything as you will get the power out anyway. The only improvement would be discharge/recharge current, meaning you will get 85 kW vs 70 kW on a very cold day. Also regen will be better - the max I ever saw was near 70 kW (summer, slowing down from highway speed, but not necessarily on a highway ).

    So, having said that - will you get the 5-10%? Maybe... and is it a lot? Depends - some days it would mean a lot, majority of the time - nope. Seeing 50 vs 55 miles on winter... I guess not so much of a difference.
    Having 120 vs 132 miles may mean more, yet still is quite slim margin.

    But this is only me.

    And one more thing.
    You may get 10% comparing cold to warm battery, but the heat taken (about 2 kW) would be roughly 4-8 miles of your distance... so in the end your net gain is close to zero.
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