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Thread: Is this a good deal ? Worried about Abarth reliability.

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    Question Is this a good deal ? Worried about Abarth reliability.

    **Posted in correct Abarth Forum, sorry for mistake**

    I have the option to buy a 2013 Abarth 500 with 40.000.00 miles, warranty expired, fully loaded (every option except navigation) for $9,000.00 plus tax & tag. It has one minor accident in the front although seems to have been repaired well, airbags did not deploy according to carfax. 3 tires have 8-10k left and one is almost new, I think previous owner had a to replace one. Carfax says a new battery... Brakes seem stock although front have 20k left in them of life, rear brakes look new. One key only, the other was lost, fiat quoted me $330.00 to replace.

    The car seems well taken care of and runs well, I inspected thoroughly without looking at the chassis with a friend who used to be a mechanic (now an engineer).

    I am very worried about the reliability of these fiats after reading in these forums. Extended warranty through fiat seems too expensive 1 year, 12k additional I was quoted $1800 and for 5, 60k+ years it was $3800. Apparently if the car is bellow 48k and in warranty the extended warranties are much cheaper because it is considered new.

    Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    I'd probably have a shop you trust (unless you trust yourself) double check around the impact and if all seems fine I'd say go for it. I work at a dealer (for now) and all see from abarth are small random problems nothing major search far.

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    They're really not particularly unreliable, although when issues DO appear, they tend to be quite expensive due to the way the car is packaged. There's also always some degree of risk buying a used manual trans car, because you don't know how the clutch was treated. And on these particular cars, it's quite a labor intensive clutch job. With that said, I would have them put the car up on a lift and remove the splash shield. You want to check carefully for oil leaks, specifically those between the engine and trans. Rear main seal failures are more common on the first two model years. And it's NOT cheap to repair when it's coming out of your pocket. Because of this, it should be an immediate pass. Imo, if everything under the car looks good then I say go for it if you really like the car. The price seems about right.

    Also FYI, forums are where people with problems tend to congregate to receive help; its not indicative of horrendous reliability overall. Although if you're expecting a Honda Civic sort of experience where nothing breaks, that's probably not very realistic. Given how much you're saving on this one compared to the average price, I would slap $2,000 in a savings account as insurance against any major problems if you're that worried. I don't really think the extended warranties are necessary with that sort of personal insurance in place.

    A final point to consider is the fact that all cars are money pits, just some cost more than others. If you go into it expecting that and shop for cars based on what they offer to you when they're NOT broken or consuming your money, you'll have a more enjoyable ownership experience (and life) in general.
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    My 2013 Abarth is over 50,000 miles, no issues really, and it also got a new battery (under warranty), so in general I have no concerns with the car.

    However, buying a used one that was in an accident is another matter. I'd have to guess that there are a lot of used Abarths for sale out there, and that you can find one that hasn't been in an accident for the same or cheaper money, so I'd happily walk away from a damaged car unless I'm getting a really good deal. Maybe offer them $6,000 and see what they say, be prepared to walk away and keep looking.

    A brand new Abarth lists for under 20K, so to me it's not worth saving 10,000 dollars for a 40,000 mile car, since the brand new one would have a warranty
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    Dont buy a wrecked car Period
    I'm 57 on my 4thAbarth, anyone
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    Extended warranty prices seem high. Shop around. When i had my Abarth I found a place online that sold me the Mopar lifetime warranty for $2400. When I sold the car I got most that money back.
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