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Fiat 2300 S Coupe
500 Madness
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Thread: Fiat 2300 S Coupe

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    Fiat 2300 S Coupe

    Big Fiat (for europeans)

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    Gorgeous! I love the big 2300 Coupe. For those curious, that was the top of the line Fiat Coupe until the Dino Coupe came out.
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    I always loved the 2300S. They are very rare in the U.S. but there used to be a red one in West Hollywood, now probably 25 years ago. It actually ran! I'd see it on the road every once in a while. I later came across a white one elsewhere in Southern California on which, sadly, somebody had performed an engine transplant. The inline 2.3 liter Fiat six had been swapped out and a Cologne Ford V-6 from a Capri had been installed. Sigh. Fittingly the 2300S/Capri did NOT run.

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