Hate to engage in thread necromancy ... but....

I have TWO Fiats.... a 500 Abarth 5 speed and a 500 Turbo auto.

This thread is correct - there's definitely a huge problem with the automatic cars - at least some of them.

My Abarth averages 24mpg in mostly city driving. I hammer it constantly, burn rubber off the tires, redline it, you name it. It has a phase 2 tune (but got about the same mileage stock tune).

My 500 Turbo? I baby the heck out of it and I still can't get more than 17mpg in the exact same driving conditions. Took the tune off to see if it helped - it didn't. Have gone over everything with a fine toothed comb. New oil, plugs, coils, FMIC, O2 sensors, all the typical parts swapping.

Came here looking to see maybe if anyone had identified a common fault that causes this terrible mileage on the auto.

It's pathetic.