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Thread: Recall S26 / NHTSA 16V-303 Reprogram Power Inverter Module

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    Exclamation Recall S26 / NHTSA 16V-303 Reprogram Power Inverter Module

    There is a recall on 2013-2016 Fiat 500e models to have their Power Inverter reprogrammed. Owners will get a notice via the mail, or they can log onto http://recalls.mopar.com/ Note, sometimes there is a delay with VINs being uploaded into the online page.

    Safety Recall S26 / NHTSA 16V-303Reprogram Power Inverter Module

    Cars: 2013 - 2016 (FF) Fiat 500e

    NOTE: This recall applies only to the above Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) vehicles built from October 03, 2012 through January 29, 2016 (MDH 100307 through 012902).

    The Power Inverter Module (PIM) on about 16,500 of the above vehicles may have diagnostic software that is overly sensitive. During normal vehicle operation, the PIM may falsely diagnose an over-voltage condition in the ground circuit setting Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) PA1EE and/or P0A1B. The consequence of setting these DTCs is a loss of motive power. This could cause a crash without warning.

    The PIM must be reprogramed with new diagnostic software.

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    Had the recall done the first week it was available & I'm still experiencing the 'Service Propulsion System' error.

    This pops up about once a month & the software fix doesn't seem to have changed anything. When it occurs, the car pops into N and will only go into P or N, until I reset the 12V circuit.

    Is there -any- way to independently verify the software version?
    So, keep your 10mm wrench handy.

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