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Buh bye after a year
500 Madness

KONI Shock Value Sale

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Thread: Buh bye after a year

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    Buh bye after a year

    My 2014 Trekking is gone after a year and almost 52,000 miles.

    The Good
    It was a great car for Uber. I didn't buy it with that in mind. Super roomy and swallowed most of the luggage. So maneuverable in crowded lots and narrow entrances.
    The engine was tremendous. Surgy at times and ornery in summer traffic jams, but otherwise a monster engine on full boil.
    Great on road trips. Twelve hours days b/Phx and Lubbock were a breeze.
    Swallowed a dorm room full of stuff.
    Chicks loved it.
    Those Beats speakers. That moonroof.

    The not so groovy
    Occasional radio outages, cured only by a shutdown for a few minutes.
    Automatic car washes shorted out the brake bulbs 3x.
    The brake light trim piece tabs have the strength of wet toilet paper. Brittle is too flattering.
    My dealer was overwhelmed by the prospect of replacing the struts (thanks Uber riders)
    It needed struts before the warranty was up.
    The innards on the right rear door didn't hold up (warranty)
    The tranny started acting more like a CVT on occasion.
    OEM Continentals were spent at 30K.
    The resale value. Ouch.
    Needed rear brakes at 40K. Sometimes felt like the hill holding feature (whatever it's called) didn't disengage.
    Two replaced windshields. Only OEM available.

    The Takeaway

    Speedy, fragile spaceship. Buy the extended Fiat warranty.

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    Over 50,000 miles in one year?

    That's a lot of driving!
    2013 Rosso Abarth with 68K miles, Koni yellow shocks, Madness springs, Neu-f rear sway bar, EBC Yellowstuff brake pads, DOT4 brake fluid, K&N air filter, autocross 17 inch Ciao Milano wheels with Bridgestone Potenza RE71R, daily wheels stock 16 inch Dunlop DZ102. 2017 1st place HS Tidewater Sports Car Club: 2016-2015 1st Place TSCC GS class; 2014-2013: 2nd place in SCCA South Carolina Region G Stock.
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    Sorry to see you go! Love the description of the L as a spaceship.

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    probably not fair to list the tires since they aren't made by FIAT.

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    Most of the parts are made by some supplier. They spec'd them and put them on the car. Seems fair from here.
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    Not bad considering the car was used commercially as a Taxi. I would definitely want to ride in a 500L over a yellow camry/prius. Pretty cool.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fiat500USA View Post
    Not bad considering the car was used commercially as a Taxi. I would definitely want to ride in a 500L over a yellow camry/prius. Pretty cool.
    I think it's an ideal taxi, especially scenic areas, with that giant sunroof and all-around visibility. Yes, you can see the amazing architecture, the rock formations, the golden hour glow on autumnal trees.

    Actually, I've never been in a 500L, but I've seen the pictures, and have been in a convertible before. Being able to look UP, while being fully enclosed during any kind of weather, that would be real nice. I have the sunroof on the Lounge. Not quite the same as sitting in the back and letting someone else do the driving while I bounce from side to side in an elle to look out the windows, and then stare dreamily at the sky.

    And I STILL think Fiat should bring the longer version to the US. With the jump seats in the very back. That'll haul some tourist luggage AND provide a stellar viewing experience anywhere.

    Wow. 52,000 miles. I've had my Fiat since 2012, and will hit 7,000 this summer. I need to get out more.
    I'm a woman. W-O-M-A-N
    Love to help people look for the Fiat they want.
    That's why I call myself "Chief Car Looker Upperer"

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    That's extremely solid for a commercial taxi vehicle, and depending on your city roads, struts, ball joints and suspension components will require changing within 60,000miles.

    My colleague got a ride in a 500L uber and loved, most people actually love the L once they experience it.

    No regrets.
    Current: 12' Sport
    Previous: Alfa 164, Alfa Milano, BMW 325

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    That is an insane amount of miles in one year (the life of the entire 3-4 yr warranty in 12 months). To be honest, it reads as though a fairly new model held up pretty well.

    ... there is only one way to drive a small FIAT, and that is without mercy. - James May

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