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Dreaded Turtle Display triggered ie " limited power mode"
500 Madness
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Thread: Dreaded Turtle Display triggered ie " limited power mode"

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    Dreaded Turtle Display triggered ie " limited power mode"

    Well 1st time it has ever happened but the scenario was traffic was at a snail's pace waiting on a steep incline heading up the incline. As I was pressing on throttle it kinda lost power for a second or two and car started rolling down but throttle came back but got the turtle display thereafter. Heading to dinner turtle display still on with message "limited power mode" but does not feel I lost any power. After dinner start car back up Turtle display is now gone and hasn't triggered since then which has been about a week ago. Any insights into this behavior? Thanks. Mike

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    Curious if you ever encountered this again? Just had it triggered in the exact same scenario for the first time ever on a 2013 w/ 50k miles. Unfortunately it will not go away after several hours / restarts now. Wondering if it may be a 12v battery issue.

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    There's a list of things to try here:
    2013 500e has been my only car since 2015.

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