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Wheel Sealant & Polish?
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Thread: Wheel Sealant & Polish?

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    Wheel Sealant & Polish?

    I currently use Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish after washing it with Meguair's wheel cleaner. but i read online a sealant works to keep dust off the wheels or something to that nature.

    Will mother's mag & aluminum polish seal the wheels? (i'm guessing not)
    What sealant & polish do you recommend for the 16inch grey wheels?
    What sealant & polish do you recommend for the 17inch white wheels? (are the white ones coated or painted? if so i think i can't use the mothers polish I have now)

    I found this thread in our forum on the below subject but wonder what the detailers thought about it? armor all seems like a cheap alternative, and wonder if i should go that route or go with iron X plus a more expensive sealant. wonder how that armor all sealant compares to other sealants sold at walmart/amazon
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    I have been using Permanon Platinium for rim protection as well as paint protection. Once you do the prep work it goes on easy and works well. Brake dust doesn't stick to it so clean up is just a quick spray and wipe down
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    I know I am reviving an old thread but it still seems important in making the cleaning process of your ride more efficient and less of a 'chore'.

    I have read and looked at longevity tests done by a couple of people on different forums saying that Collinite 845 will be able to handle the brake temperatures and take more of a beating than a normal synthetic wax. Plus it was only $19 on Amazon so I figured I would give it a shot. I will try to find the forum/thread and edit this post when I get the chance.

    EDIT: unfortunately I was not able to locate the specific collinite 845 on wheel thread I was looking for but the link below shows you how to apply it. It also has quite a few pages of comments, most of which are highly recommending the product.
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    Chemical Guys Car Care Products
    Armor All Outlast
    Keeps my white rims cleans for weeks
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