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Thread: Clay Bar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hangman0327 View Post
    I don't have much experience in washing and waxing my cars.
    I went to a detailer that was recommended to me by my optometrist who is a car freak and they talked about using the clay bat and Maguire (sp) wax , they also said they so etc estimate use a higher end wax .. I forget the name.
    Does any of have any warnings for me about using a detailer?
    You normally use a detailer with a clay bar. As for wax, generally you get what you pay for. It's always a good idea to use good wax on a car you like. I'm sure others will chime in on what wax they recommend. I think using a detailer between waxes is fine.
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    I have been using Meguiar's M21 and M26 for awhile now. M21 as the major protectant as it is a fully synthetic wax and then M26 to add a little more depth the paint. I may try M06 (cleaner wax) pretty soon with a DA polisher to help keep the paint clean and swirl free before applying M21.

    There is a TON of information out there but this thread should help you understand the difference between Meguiar's products at the very least.

    Hopefully this helps out!

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    Twice a year I clay bar and then put two coats of NuFinish. I know. I know. It's old school but it's very gentle and puts on a nice shine and holds up really well to rain and weather.

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    I like NuFinish. Like you said, it's soft and puts a nice shine without gobsmaking amount of work. I been using Meguiar's products on mine. I like the quality of their stuff and seems to be pretty forgiving overall. Still need to claybar it, but that's what the weekend is for!

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    I also use Nufinish and agree it isn't much work. I use one of those 6" orbital from Harbor Freight and let it do the work. Someone on here a while back showed his car after using Zaino products if I remember correctly and did it look good. Stuffs not cheap though,but if you watch the youtube video they don't use much of the product so guess the product goes alon ways
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