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Tire pressure
500 Madness
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Thread: Tire pressure

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    Tire pressure

    The suspensión of my new 500 Trendy felt bumpy while riding at medium-high speeds (specially while cornering). It turns out the tires were inflated at over 40 psi instead of the recommended 32/30 psi. I got the tires set at the correct preasure and the ride has really improved. It's amazing how a little detail can make a nice difference.

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    Yes, my car got delivered with all four tires at 41 psi, I balanced it out after looking at the sticker!
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    It's almost incomprehensible that after FOUR years that checking tire pressure during the PDI still isn't a requirement. That 40 psi is the transport/storage pressure the cars leave the factory with.
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    My 2015 500 Sport was set to 41 pounds all the way around. Rode pretty darn hard until I figured that out.

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