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Thread: A strange occurrence

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    A strange occurrence

    So driving home from a long hot trip on the freeway, I noticed a car about to merge into my lane(#3). Judging by his speed, I thought I would accelerate to engage the upshift and gain more space. Wouldn't you know he did the exact same thing and got in front of me...then slowed down! So I'm off the gas quick and onto the brake. The automatic was still upshifting and revving (from 6th down to 4th or 3rd I think) when I applied the brake.

    The next thing I hear is the EVIC beeping at me with a "check the ETC," and the symbol lit up on the screen. I feel a "disconnect" from the throttle to engine, and it starts to lose power; and the gas pedal is unresponsive. Luckily I'm in the far right lane and coast to the side. I restart the car and continue on the way home without issue. I check with a code reader but there are no codes stored.

    Research shows this can happen when the brake and gas pedal are used at the same time(some have encountered this doing the Heel-to-Toe technique). I have the DDCT automatic and do not drive using the left foot to brake. So maybe when I quickly transitioned from the transmission still upshifting, to quickly braking, the function just kicked in.

    Here is one link discussing it and the code(s) associated with it. Not sure if this is programed into the system to address a Runaway-Vehicle-Prius scenario but just be aware that it can occur. No issues since then and the car has driven fine.



    • When Monitored
    With the ignition on and no Brake Switch or APP Sensor faults present.

    • Set Condition:
    The Powertrain
    Control Module (PCM) recognizes a brakeapplication following the APPS showing a fixed pedal opening. Temporary orpermanent. Internally the PCM will reduce throttle opening below driverdemand. One trip fault and the code will be set within five seconds. ETC lightwill illuminate, the light will only stay illuminated while DTC is active.

    Possible Causes

    NOTE: If a pedal assembly becomes mechanically stuck the voltage output willstay fixed, if this is also Followed by a long application of the brakes thiscode will set.

    NOTE: When this code sets the pedal position in the PCM software will ramp toidle. If the Pedal voltage changes OR the brake pedal is released, the pedalposition in the PCM software will ramp up to the pedal position and the ETClight will go out.

    1. With the scan tool, read DTCs and record the related Freeze Frame data.
    2. Diagnose all other Stop Lamp Switch and APP Sensor codes before continuing.
    3. This code can be set by a driver who uses both feet while driving, one forthe Accelerator Pedal and the other for the Brake Pedal.

    NOTE: The most likely cause of this DTC is caused by the customer BrakeTorquing the engine by pressing the Accelerator pedal and the pressing theBrake Pedal
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