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Our new 500e with 17" Ciao rims - Page 2
500 Madness
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Thread: Our new 500e with 17" Ciao rims

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    Senior Member gerrymx's Avatar
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    Very teasing and drooling one! Congrats

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    Quote Originally Posted by gfurneri View Post
    Every time I see that car I want to trade for the White Bits and put them on my car. Great looking car.
    There's something I hadn't thought about before. Having the white parts available for the Abarth. It would be a great accent for any Abarth with the white caps and/or stripe and/or wheels. Really like the look of the tuxedo 500e, black with white bits and white interior.

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    Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing

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    Dripping in envy whenever someone posts up an E! This is coming from a Abarth owner too!

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    My 500e is the same color, and those pictures look very nice, so this is a very tempting project! What is the exact size (17x7?) and offset on those wheels? Did you have to use spacers on the front tires at all? I ask since I am looking to upgrade to either 16"/17", and am a bit concerned about the stock rims being 15x5.5 front and 15x6.5 on the rear. If you did not use spacers, were there any issues with the tires rubbing the back side of the fender wells when the steering is turned all the way? Thanks in advance!

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