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Manual Transmission, groan in reverse on an incline - Page 4
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Thread: Manual Transmission, groan in reverse on an incline

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    If this car is like other modern fiat transmissions, you dont have a true throwout bearing or slave cylinder. They are combined onto one part. Essentially I hydraulically actuated release bearing.
    Your clutch pedal having no prssure and not returning is typically a hydraulic issue. Also, I'd say it's rare for it to just happen once and then function normally. Since your a mechanic, it should all be easy for you. I'd check the car over for leaks in ckutch hydro and monitor fluid level. These hydraulic release bearings seem to be the reason for clutch replacements these days before the actual disk ever wears out. It's also kind of annoying for owners that it replaces the slave as this is typically an cheap, easy part to replace. Not so with the hydro release bearing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MoranJ2000 View Post
    Interesting (and depressing) story about your service experiences. Also not surprising.

    When I initially had the transmission groaning noise, I'd barely had the car a year and didn't yet appreciate how bad some FIAT techs can be, but I had similar experience to you in the subsequent years. The workmanship and attention to detail was so shoddy, when I brought the car in for service I often got the car back with new and unrelated problems that were unrelated to the reason for the service visit. Usually these new problems had to do with them putting the car back together-- terrible, terrible work on their part. Personally, I think they put the least-knowledgeable tech(s) on FIAT and all the good ones on Jeep and RAM.

    I'll say this-- after 10 days in the shop I never heard that noise again but fast forward almost five years (I'm now on my 63rd month and almost 66K miles with my L) and I'm having a new symptom where it can be hard to get the car in and out of gear-- shifter doesn't want to move. Dunno what's going on, but I do know I will NOT be taking it to the dealer. Will probably go to a transmission shop or import car specialty shop for this. (Only in my dreams am I capable of servicing my own car.)

    In fact, I am Jonesing for a Giulia in the worst way, but I can't bring myself to buy one knowing how terrible the service will be. Bad enough on a $25K car-- intolerable on a $50K one.
    Wondering what became of your transmission? I have had really bad transmission issues (2 new transmissions: one at 10K miles and the other at 20K miles) My car is now back at Fiat service because I have an extended warranty. I wish it covered work at a REAL transmission shop, but it does not, so I am stuck with them. This morning my car would not go into reverse. This happens a couple of times a year. sometimes I can shift to neutral and it corrects itself, but not this time.

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