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ATT: Abarth owners with 180+ whp, what is your MPG?
500 Madness
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Thread: ATT: Abarth owners with 180+ whp, what is your MPG?

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    ATT: Abarth owners with 180+ whp, what is your MPG?

    I love my 2013 Abarth. I love it so much I drive it like a POP model. lol. No joke, while I do have my moments, for the most part I am pretty stuck on doing what I can to get high MPG. With around 90 hours on my trip odometer, I have about 33.6 mpg. I at times have been able to get around 40 mpg on a 250 mile round trip drive I do if I am feathering the pedal alot and trying really hard.
    However, when the car is payed off and the warranty is out I am looking into starting out with the usual mods and a piggyback to get me up to the 200 hp range. My question is what kind of MPG numbers those of you with that type of power are getting on your city/highway driving. Thanks in advance.

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    I just have the basic bolt on's but I do drive my abarth like I stole it... My theory is drive it hard so I can get everything to break under warranty, but also because this car is the most fun I have had in a car in a while. I avg 28mpg but I'm all highway in my part of California. I drove to Vegas a month ago and avg 30mpg. Power I'm making no idea, as I am newer to the mod game. It has been 10 years since my last modded car. But I hope I helped little...
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    I average 28-30, but it's mostly around town and with a lead foot! I did get 33.2 on my last road trip (800 miles). Not great but I drive the car very hard most times....especially when I'm first at the stop light 😨
    2012 Fiat Abarth "ABARTNV"--Madness ECU V2, Madness High Flow Intake, MPx TB, Forge BOV, SILA FMIC, RRM Lightweight Pulley, KW v3 Coilovers, Neu-F 28mm Torsion Bar, Madness Roll Cage with rear seat delete.

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    Good question! If you have the skills to get 40 mpg out of the Abarth, you probably will be able to beat what most get with their mods. I would say the largest impact will be on how you drive. Once you have all the power it is very tempting to get into it and use it. Just going by what I hear on the forum over the years, I'm guessing you would drop 10 mpg with enthusiastic driving. Maybe less if you drive for fuel economy.
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    I hammer on the car pretty much at all times and manage around 28MPGs around town and have managed a high of 40MPGs coming home from VA to NC using cruise control (60MPH-70ishMPH) most of the way.

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    mixed spirited driving- 28mpg. you can see what I have done in the sig. area below. I agree with fiat500usa. When I track my car the MPG is more like 10mpg.
    After Market Stuff: rear seat delete, E+D tune, V2.1 intake, road race chassis stiffeners, GFB DV+, turbo blanket, vogtland springs, neuF swaybar, neuF wheels, 205-40-17 nitto nt-01 tires

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    On days my car commutes, it's seriously bad traffic on side streets, 40 mph roads where you can actually average about 21 and stop lights. If I behave, 32.2 - recently with a heavier right foot, 31.7. Highway fun drives, 32-33 at more or less legal speeds
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    You can see my current mods in my sig and once the weather levels out I average 35 mpg but my drive to work is 13 miles and mostly freeway and I set the cruize @ 60 mph and enjoy the ride. Its not the mods so much that kill the mpgs its that thing that attached to your right ankle, LOL!
    2013 500 Abarth/Nero metallic...traded in.

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    I'm getting 33mpg. 35 mile commute with 5 miles of city driving. Fairly aggressive driving.

    Some mods will actually increase MPG. An intake was the most obvious. Tune can help with mpg as well if you don't dip into the power.

    The car likes being around 55-60 mph for optimum MPG. If you want, find a truck that's driving in the slow lane and follow him the whole way. Easy 40+ mpg.

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    Im like nilfinite, I drive my car like a scalded dog, 30 miles highway and 10 miles city everyday oneway . I average 33mpg
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